Competitive Strengths

Market leadership

We are Asia's largest cord blood banking network with seven full-fledged facilities in six key markets. Since our inception in 2001, we have established a solid quality system and a proven track record of reliable cord blood banking services.

Clinical leadership

We have demonstrated clinical leadership as one of Singapore's longest-running cord blood banks, and over 600,000 families have entrusted their baby's cord blood to us since 2001. We adhere to best practices and stringent protocols throughout the collection, processing and storage of cord blood.

All of our facilities are AABB-accredited, and several are also accredited by other leading standards organisations such as FACT, CAP and the International Organisation for Standardisation ("ISO"). These accreditations demonstrate the Group's strong medical and technical capabilities, as well as its dedication to quality in order to provide safe patient and donor care.

Quality leadership

Since 2005, Cordlife Group Limited has been accredited by AABB, an organisation widely recognised as the gold standard in the industry. Our Hong Kong facility has been certified ISO:9001 since 2006 and was accredited by AABB in since 2011. By late 2015, the Singapore facility achieved accreditation from FACT-Netcord, placing the Group as one of the six international private cord blood banks that hold accreditations by two world-class standards.

Technology leadership

We were one of the first to adopt an automated processing system in Singapore and Hong Kong and we are constantly seeking to improve our services through the use of technology.

Experienced and dedicated management team

Our management team is strong and dedicated, led by our Group Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, who oversees our Group's overall business strategy, corporate development and business growth. She is supported by a team of Senior Management, who have held various positions in our Company prior to assuming their current leadership roles, and such cross-functional experiences have given them an in-depth knowledge of the industry and our Group.

Enhanced and proven track records

We believe that our track record both as a pioneer in the cord blood banking industry within Asia and our growth over the last 21 years, is testament to our deep understanding of the market forces, regulations and competitive environment of the cord blood banking industry, thus enabling us to remain a market leader in the regions in which we operate in.

Established brand and marketing and distribution networks

We have a well-established brand and extensive distribution networks that provide us with significant leverage in introducing other tissue banking products and services in the future.

We have strategic partnerships with major private hospitals and clinics in all of the markets where we operate, and we actively educate healthcare professionals, and expectant mothers about our services.