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Cordlife Group Limited ("Cordlife", together with its subsidiaries, the "Group") is a consumer healthcare company catering to the mother and child segment. Established in May 2001 and successfully listed on the Mainboard of Singapore Exchange Trading Limited ("SGX-ST") in 2012, the Group is one of the pioneers in the cord blood banking industry in Asia.


Cordlife is amongst the leading players for private cord blood banking services in all the markets it operates in, namely Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. Inhabiting a distinctive niche in the healthcare industry, the Group is one of the foremost private cord blood banks to have gained a solid foothold in Asia. In the last 16 years, Cordlife has dedicated its undertakings to achieve market leadership in the industry. Having built a distinguished brand name, the Group continues to strive for excellence by means of support from its experienced management team, dynamic key executives along with its quality product and service offerings. Cordlife believes the Group has in place a strong foundation for future expansion.


The Group understands a unique and memorable brand will help to create a long-term and sustainable position in the marketplace. Hence, creating brand and market awareness is a fundamental practice in sustaining the Group's growth in scale. This year, the Group has invested significantly in various educational campaigns in all its operating markets such as the hosting of talks to educate families about the importance of storing their children's cord blood and cord lining as well as the need for early screening of metabolic disorders in newborns.

Cordlife's belief in delivering quality product and services continues to hold strong as one of the Group's values and its promise to clients by aiming to have all facilities accredited by AABB, FACT-Netcord or ISO. The Group is also one of the first private cord blood banks in Asia to release cord blood units for transplants, and for the treatment of cerebral palsy as well as for other therapeutic uses. As of June 2016, Cordlife Group and subsidiaries have released over 500 stem cell units that were used successfully to support transplants and therapies.


Cordlife places utmost importance in growing its scope to deliver quality products and services to its clients. The Group introduced cord lining banking, the first complementary service outside its core cord blood banking service in November 2009 for India market and subsequently in March 2011 for Hong Kong market. Building on this focus, the service was subsequently offered to parents in Singapore and the Philippines in 2013. Today, this service is offered by all Cordlife subsidiaries including Indonesia and Malaysia. The Group also sub-licensed the service to China Cord Blood Corporation ("CCBC"), the largest cord blood bank operator in China.

Buoyed by positive responses for its cord blood banking and cord lining banking businesses, Cordlife continued its focus on developing the scope of complementary offerings. The first diagnostics service launched was Metascreen, an advanced Non-Invasive Metabolic Screening test for newborn babies. Metascreen was first launched in India in 2013 and subsequently in Hong Kong, the Philippines and Indonesia in 2014. Thereafter, the Group also launched a Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing service, which analyses foetal DNA in a mother's blood to screen for foetal chromosomal abnormalities and Eyescreen, which enables the early detection of vision problems in children.


By placing emphasis on quality, Cordlife has grown to become a dominant private cord blood bank operator in Asia. Accreditation and certification of its quality system by external quality bodies help give families and physicians the assurance that cord blood and cord lining units stored with Cordlife will be processed and stored in accordance with the highest standards.

The Group's processing and storage facilities in Hong Kong, India and Singapore are accredited by AABB, the world's gold standard in cord blood banking and its facilities in Indonesia and the Philippines are also ISO-certified. Cordlife Singapore achieved accreditation by FACT-Netcord, making it one of only six cord blood banks in the world to achieve accreditations from both AABB and FACT-Netcord simultaneously. . The Group’s majority owned Hong Kong and India subsidiaries, Hong Kong Screening Centre Limited (“HKSC”) and Cordlife Sciences (India) Pvt. Ltd. (“Cordlife India”), have also received accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (“CAP”), which is awarded to facilities that meet or exceed the highest standards in laboratory services. In July 2017, Cordlife Philippines became the first cord blood bank in the country to be accredited by AABB.


Cordlife is a trailblazer in the cord blood banking and cord lining banking industry, having achieved several milestones in the past years. One of them includes being the first few cord blood banks in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines to establish a successful cord blood release track record, a validation of the Group's quality standards. Cordlife was also the first few companies in Asia to progress into using fully automated systems for cord blood processing. These are just a few milestones that demonstrate Cordlife's commitment to deliver clientcentric outcomes.

On investor relations front, Cordlife's efforts have earned them the Runner-up position for the 16th SIAS Investors' Choice Award at the Singapore Corporate Governance Award (SCGA) 2015 under the Mid and Small Category. They also received a Merit Award under the "Best Investor Relations" category at the Singapore Corporate Awards in 2013. Adding to that, Cordlife was titled the "Most Transparent Company" in the Retail & Household Goods and the Mainboard Small Caps Category at the 14th SIAS Investors' Choice Awards in 2013.

From business aspect, Cordlife was selected from 17,000 companies in Asia and named as one of the Best "Under A Billion" companies by Forbes Asia in 2015. Other recent accolades awarded to Cordlife by the industry comprise "My Favourite Cord Blood Bank" by Hong Kong Economic Times; 2014 "Most Popular Stem Cell Bank Reader's Choice" by Child Magazine; 2013-2014 "MyBB Parent-Child Favourite Cord Blood and Umbilical Cord Bank Company", 2015 "Most Popular Stem Cell Bank Reader's Choice" by Child Magazine; and 2014-2015 "MyBB Parent-Child Favourite Cord Blood".

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